A Guide to Getting Your Garage Organized

In case your garage is overrun by clutter and badly looking for a makeover, make 2017 the entire year to reclaim and improve this specific home space. There’s no better time than the new start of a new year to adopt the storage area company and improvement solutions available from Car port Living. Here are eight reasons our products and services will make your storage area look better and increase its efficiency.

1. Free up living area and use your storage area for car parking again
It’s a universal problem that homeowners cannot use their garages as a space for auto parking their vehicles. The primary reason this occurs is due to unnecessary clutter on the storage floor. We’ve several answers to address this and go back your garage parking space to you:

Garage wall safe-keeping: versatile PVC slatwall panels take advantage of unused garage area wall space, providing areas for dangling items with this more than 40 types of accessories. In addition they give your car port a more done look.
Car port cabinetry: choose from five lines in our modular and custom-fit storage area cabinetry systems. There’s a wide range of custom possibilities to suit your budget, plus your efficient and aesthetic preferences.
Specialty storage space racks: heavy-duty overhead storage racks, tire racks, commercial shelving, and firewood racks are are just some of the specialty storage rack alternatives we offer.

2. Get prepared and stay organized
By adding one or more of the aforementioned garage organization and improvement solutions, you’ll notice immediate benefits that extend beyond just having more living area. With the right storage area systems, all your stuff will have an effective home and become much simpler to find. Dedicated homes for your tools and accessories also help reduce the probability of storage area clutter accumulating in the foreseeable future.

3. Your storage floor will look much nicer with a fresh coating
Garage floors have to be in a position to withstand a lot of deterioration. If your garage’s cement floor is cracked, crumbling, and an over-all eyesore, a Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating is the best answer on the market.

A Floortex™ coating transforms your storage floor into a wonderful and very durable surface, with a glossy surface finish that won’t fade or yellow as time passes. It’s also highly resistant to most household chemicals, such as gas and oil. And because it’s frigid outside doesn’t suggest a Floortex™ floor finish can’t be employed. Unlike epoxy car port floor coatings, a Floortex™ polyaspartic floor finish can be employed year-round.

4. An upgraded storage area door enhances curb appeal
No-one feature of your home’s external surfaces sticks out more than your storage area door. Consider – is your car port door improving or detracting from your curb charm? If it’s the latter, then it’s definitely time to take into account an upgrade. We’ve a variety of metallic, lumber, fibreglass, and full view lightweight aluminum car port door styles open to make your home’s external aesthetics.

5. Modern storage door openers are quieter and include convenient features
In case your garage door is in need of an upgrade, also consider the functionality of your garage door opener. A vintage, malfunctioning opener poses a safety risk, not only is it an inconvenience. Compared to older models, modern storage area door openers tend to be more energy conserving, reliable, and quieter. Furthermore, they include modern features like MyQ technology, which allows you to monitor and access your storage door when you’re abroad.

6. Make a space-saving garage area work area
If you’re a hobbyist or handyman and lack a proper work area due to space limitations, consider a foldaway workbench for the garage area. This heavy-duty workbench works with up to 400 pounds of weight and handily folds away to preserve valuable storage area auto parking space. Integrate the workbench with this slatwall panels to carry your tools and create a convenient space-saving workspace.

7. Car lifts enable you to double your car parking space
A 4 post car lift up sets your garage’s underutilized vertical space to work, allowing you to instantly twice your available auto parking space. Car lifts are a sensible and cost-effective alternative to a major car port renovation or annual off-site vehicle storage space. To see how this great garage area group and improvement solution works, drop by our Vaughan showroom.

8. Garage exteriors reap the benefits of aluminum capping
Light weight aluminum capping involves wrapping your wooden storage doorframe with aluminum sheeting. Listed below are the benefits associated with aluminum capping:

your home’s outside exhibits a far more clean and finished appearance, which enhances curb appeal and resale value
future maintenance on your garage doorframe is practically eliminated
extends the life of your doorframe by guarding it from the elements
improves energy efficiency by lessening drafts
Garage business and improvement answers to transform your space
These are are just some of the storage area company and improvement alternatives we’ve available. Garage Living also features products such as LED light, infrared heaters, and wall bumpers to safeguard your car entrances. We also specialize in garage area reconstruction services, including insulation and drywall assembly, lighting and electric powered work, storage door repair, and more.

To begin with with your car port change for 2017, plan your free consultation with one in our design experts today. When you see what our specialists can do you with your storage area space, you’ll marvel why you never called us quicker.