How to Choose a Curtain Rod for Your Window Decor

A necessity for draperies, drape rods can add real pizzazz to your windowpane treatments. Curtain rods that are too long, battle with your curtains, or are installed improperly are typical big no-nos. Before we dive into the fun stuff, it’s time to ensure you know the dimensions of the basics. We have got all the curtain rod info you need to know before making a purchase. Consider of this as Curtain Rod 101.
Help to make Sure Your Rod Helps Your Curtain Type

Typically the right curtain rod for your window treatment all depends upon the fabric you might use. If you’re hovering towards heavy fabrics, stick to a tough steel like wrought-iron. Not what you want is your drape rod bowing under heavy fabric. On the other hand, pairing lightweight options, such as grommet-top draperies or sheer-draped valances, will work like a dream.

It’s also important to keep in mind where you want to mount your curtains, because that basically really does affect what type of curtain rod you use. Curtains that are installed inside the window body work best with stress rods, while outside-mounted draperies can use a simple pair of brackets.

Keep Special Room Specifications in Mind
Some curtains styles definitely are better in certain rooms. For example, because bath rooms and kitchens traditionally have smaller windows, you’ll want to install valances in those varieties of places. Stick to adjustable drape rods made from metal steel or plastic since these rooms often get more moisture.

You can simply create separation in any room with a pair of curtains hung on a swing-arm curtain pole. Whether you want to split up your open closet from the rest of your bedroom or you’d simply like to divide a sizable lounge room for visual appeal, this amazing curtain rod will do the key.

Determine on a Flattering Colour and Finish
Decide on a Flattering Color and Finish
You may use the color and finish of your curtain rods to add dimension to your curtains. For example , if you have a pair of cool-tone linen curtains, pairing associated with a sleek, cast-iron drape rod is one way to choose a arrangement take. Think of your drape rod as the cherry wood on top of your carefully assembled window show.

If you’re looking to add depth to your room, opt for a dark curtain rod in a metallic finish to complete your window treatment. Or, if you have a beautiful set of airy cotton curtains, try a light, wooden drape rod for a natural look.

Get the Right-Length Curtain Rod for Your Windows
Before you buy your curtain fishing rod, take the time to measure your window. This will help you determine out how long your curtain rod needs to be. Generally speaking of usb, your curtain rod should extend 3 to six inches past your windowpane frame. An elongated curtain rod will make your windows look more fantastic, and it also gives you more room to open your curtains, allowing a good amount of sunlight to enter your home.

Find a Curtain Rod That Suits Your look
Locate a Curtain Rod Of which Suits Your Style
Your current home is brimming with beautiful touches that all soon add up to your own personal and curated interior style. Think it or not, your curtains can add a lot to your home’s unique overall look. Attractive rods come in all shapes and sizes. Try out wooden curtain rods with decorative finials at the end, or go with double curtain rods with elegant spirals. You can also buy decorative curtain rods with carved leaves or plants for a more fancyful vibe.