The Best Heating System for Your London Property Refurbishment

If you’re planning to upgrade your heating system as part of your London property refurbishment, the first step is to decide on the right heating system for you. The easiest choice may be to purchase a system which is identical to the one you already have in place, however now is an excellent opportunity to consider your options and choose the right product for you.

The most common type of heating system in the UK, and therefore the most well-known, is the combi boiler – which is short for combination boiler. These are advertised as being the most economic and efficient heating system on the market as they only heat the water that you actually use, rather than heating water that will then cool down and go to waste if it’s not needed.

The water is heated directly from the mains which therefore gives users a limitless supply of hot water all year round. In addition and because of this, there is no need for your plumber to install a water tank to store water which in turn saves a great deal of space.

It’s great for big households who need large amounts of hot water over a short period of time and could spell the end of cold showers for those late to the bathroom in the morning. They’re also optimal for flats, new builds or small houses where space is at a premium as they take up very little room.

It’s also great in the winter when you want instant heat as once you turn your thermostat up and your radiators on, you’re in business.

Another, somewhat outdated option, would be installing storage heaters. Whilst less common these days, they do still serve a purpose for frugal households wishing to spend as little as possible on heating.

With this system the clue is very much in the name and indeed they work by storing energy which is created overnight when electricity is priced at its lowest rate. The heaters themselves are slightly larger than radiators and are filled with ceramic bricks which are able to retain the heat that is generated overnight to be used for much of the next day.

They are not without their downsides and many people do not like that they cannot control their heating easily. For example, if you forgot to turn the storage heater on overnight, there would be no heat available for the following day which may not be ideal for modern families.

They are still perceived as a good choice for those who are on a tight budget and also for properties which are not connected to gas mains, seeing as storage heaters are powered by electricity.

Conventional boilers are also available to purchase and are a very traditional choice for UK homeowners. They tend to be a great fit for large properties with more than one toilet / bathroom likely to be in use at any one time because the boiler has the capacity to service multiple taps at once without a reduction in water flow, meaning water pressure will not be affected.

The downside however is that unlike the combination boiler above, it does require the installation of a cold water tank plus a hot water cylinder – though if your property is large you’ll likely have room for both of these things.

It’s important to remember that once your cylinder has been emptied of hot water, there is no more available until it’s had time to heat up again and so hot water is not limitless. They do provide large quantities of water though, and so this shouldn’t necessarily put you off.

Conventional boilers send hot water to your radiators much the same as a combination boiler does and so offers more flexibility than a storage heater.

The best heating system for your London property refurbishment will therefore depend on the needs of your household and the availability of space in your property. It will also be affected by the type of fuel your house is connected to (do you have both electricity and gas pipes?). The key is to know these details about your property before you begin gathering quotes for your new heating system.