What You Should Know About Buying a Toilet Seat

There are various things to consider if you are choosing an upgraded toilet seat. Form, mounting option, materials and style are the primary considerations for bathroom seats. Whether you select around or oval, plastic material or solid wood, your toilet seat should enhance your bathroom decoration. Look below to understand how to consider these factors into consideration and discover the right toilet seat.

Determine which form of bathroom you have.

Toilet chairs don’t come in sizes, however they do come in two different forms: round bathroom chairs and elongated bathroom seats, each which match two different toilet pan shapes. Round bathroom seats remain the standard generally in most homes, and they’re the bathroom chairs you typically see frequently. Elongated toilet chairs are becoming popular, plus they have an extended oval form. Before you start shopping for bathroom chairs, find out if you have a circular or elongated toilet pan which means you can shop appropriately. Visit this website to get more insight, Eago Toilet Seats

Pick a support type.

Decide whether you will want conventional bolt-and-nut support or an intrinsic bolt and nut. While they look better initially, essential bolt-and-nut mounts can be quite frustrating when they have to be removed, as the nut must be drilled out to eliminate the chair. Conventional bolt-and-nut mounts are simpler to use but still the standard for some toilet seats.

Choose materials.

Determine whether you want plastic material, solid wood or a padded seat. Most bathroom seats are constructed of high-impact plastic material or a plastic material coating over amalgamated wood. Plastic chairs can be purchased in white, several pastel colors and dark. Plastic toilet chairs can be quite chilly in winter and also in summer time when central air is operating, and they’re much more likely to divided and have a tendency to show marks from cleaning. Natural solid wood is warmer, but it could be stained or broken by many toilet pan cleaners. Cushioned chairs are nice and smooth but have a tendency to crack and divided as time passes. If heat is a large concern, consider buying a warmed toilet seat.

Think about cushioning.

Soft toilet chairs are convenient for folks dealing with surgery or childbirth, however they can make exchanges to and from wheelchairs or shower benches more challenging. Firmer chairs are better for exchanges. Some people choose soft toilet chairs over the typical hard ones since they find padded bathroom seats to become more comfortable and warmer than regular bathroom seats.

Select a style.

Toilet seats are created in several styles, so whether your bathrooms are modern and modern or comfortable and traditional, you will get the perfect chair for your bathroom.


Most toilet chairs are one-size-fits-all; you merely need to find out what form your bathroom is.