Why Waterproofing During a Bathroom Renovation Is a No-Brainer

Whether it’s adding modern lighting, installing a new bathtub or applying a fresh coat of paint, a renovation or refurb can transform your bathroom from a drab to fab in a breeze. However, when carrying out a bathroom remodel, it is crucial not to forget to waterproof the entire room. If it’s not done properly, condensation build-up can cause disparaging damage to your home’s structure which can be highly costly to repair.

Of course, that isn’t the only plausible reason to waterproof your bathroom. Here are 4 other benefits that make waterproofing a must-do when conducting bathroom renovations and refurbishment.

First Things First: What’s Waterproofing a Bathroom?

It’s what it sounds like – making sure that your bathroom surfaces are impervious to moisture. Oftentimes that means turning your bathroom into some sort of a “wet room.” It involves sealing any cracks, seams & crevices, using airtight bells and whistles, and taking steps to stop water from penetrating the floor, walls and other surfaces.

(1) Say Goodbye to Leaks

Leaks are one of the most common headaches to homeowners. And the bathroom is at the epicentre of it all. Water has a way of sneaking into your walls, floors, and other parts of your home. It can pass through gaps, cracks, and even grouting (yes, it isn’t impenetrable). Whatever the cause of leaking, it can cause insurmountable damage to floorboards, ceiling, carpeting, and the actual foundation of your home. That’s never good news.

(2) Keep Moulds and Dampness at Bay

Seriously, is there anything more annoying and unsightly than a mouldy wall? Damp exteriors and moulds are often a tell-tale sign of serious damage happening inside your walls. Rotten-looking plaster under the tiling? It’s a sign that water is leaking through the bathroom top layer and into the brick or plaster. Poor grouting could also be to blame for moisture build-up underneath the bathroom tiling.

It’s simple: waterproofing is the most effective answer to damp and moulds.

(3) Better Insulation = Smaller Heating Bill

Waterproofing your bathroom doesn’t just stop leaks and mould growth; it’s also an amazing insulator. The idea behind this is pretty straightforward. With better insulation, you’ll spend fewer BTUs heating your bathroom, and therefore reduce your monthly energy bill.

(4) Spruce Up your Home’s Market Value

Waterproofing materials can add some lustre and pizzazz to your bathroom. But more importantly, a waterproofed bathroom is a huge plus when it comes to selling your home. It shows the seller that the interiors of the house are still intact and that you actually care for it.

When’s all said and done, it’s best to hire the right bathroom specialist to get the job done. Most of them have waterproofing as part of the bathroom renovation package.

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